13 November 2005

Playing Around

We started Sunday by getting everyone up and out promptly so as not to do any inadvertent damage in a non child friendly place. After a breakfast of lovely fresh custard buns we went to Ruffey Lake Park which we knew had a great playground. There were swings, slides, poles and climbing frames, forts and bridges and lots of sand. Here Rose is enjoying stomping on the bells which are placed along the bridge, with Clare waiting for her turn and James running behind playing a game of "Siege" with the others. This was to get them some exercise before we went to my father's birthday party.
The party went well with all my brothers and sisters. My youngest sister announced the beginning of the 13th grandchild so everyone was excited.
The sad news was that we had to leave early and make our way to Albury for a funeral. One of our homeschooling friends died last Thursday. He was the father of eight children and well loved by many. So we moved things around to get there in time for the funeral on Monday.

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