3 November 2005


One of the problems with moving is the time it takes for your body to re-acclimatise to the new air and water.
When we moved from the city to the country we were quite sick for the first six months as our bodies were getting used to pollution free air and clean water. Every location has different pollens and other stuff in the air.
We then went to the US and were ill for our first winter as we became used to the mould from the millions of decaying leaves and the various pollens and different stuff in the air, as well as the different bacteria and other bits in the water. Once our bodies adjusted we came home.
Now Lana is not happy experiencing hayfever and we have all had sore throats.
One solution we have for Lana's hay fever is to use an air filter. We close the windows and run the filter. Quickly the air clears and Lana is breathing better. The air filter is designed to clear out cigarette smoke, cooking smoke and odours and the dust in the air. It works quite well.
Soon, Spring will be over and Summer will start in earnest. For Lana it isn't quick enough!
PS If you are looking for air filters, they are known as "Air Cleaners" or "Air Purifiers". There are lots of options depending on room size and cleaning actions.

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