30 April 2004

Homeschooling in our new home

The homeschooling is going well. We have recently switched our English program to one using the McGuffey readers. Readers familiar with Little House on the Prairie may remember the name. These were published in the late 19th Century and a hardcover boxed set is available for K through year 6 from Amazon for about $46. (US) In a web search, we found that the year 6 level books are equivalent to current year 10 level. They provide a variety of excerpts of many great authors and poets; provide basic phonics and reading for the younger ages and reading and grammar for the older.

James studying his Maths with Lana

James suddenly improved his reading once he was able to read something interesting. In the McGuffey readers, once the basic alphabet is covered, the student is quickly onto interesting stories, with interesting pictures. Anyway, whilst Lana is concentrating on James, the older ones do reading or other work they can do without guidance, Peter plays with Clare, or Eric goes through basic alphabet and phonics with Peter, with Clare opening her book to join in, too.

Eric teaching Peter basic phonics.

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