30 April 2004

The combined birthday party and bonfire

In April, we had a combined birthday party for the birthdays of Clare, James and David. We had organized for a bonfire, the children wanted to wear costumes, so we invited plenty of families. It was a great day. The children all ran around playing various games of their own inventions. There were spare costumes for those that wanted to try something different or weren’t too sure about wearing any when they arrived. The older and younger children all mingled, whilst the adults all socialized.

The bonfire was more of a mini forest-fire (but controlled). We went through four bags of marshmallows. The children all wanted to try the toasted marshmallows well before the fire had died down, so typically they were burnt on one side, half melted in the middle and cold on the other side.

Tyler was a little bit tied up in the game.

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