30 April 2004

Bird Boxes taken over

At Home Depot the children all made “window bird boxes”. These are designed to attach to a window with suction cups, birds are supposed to use them for nests and you can see what is happening in the clear plastic rear panel. Well, these have turned out to be wasp boxes. Wasps have made their homes in a couple of them and have started building a paper nest. A fascinating science study. Another wasp has built a nest on one of the deck railings. Ariel wanted to check it out so David and her went to look. David asked Ariel if a wasp was in there. Ariel looked and said no, so went to see if she could detach it from the railing. Out came the wasp! David and Ariel froze, pretending to be statues. After buzzing around for about a minute, the wasp went back into its nest. Ariel got up from her kneeling position, but used the railing for support and the wasp came out again! Once more they were statues. This time when the wasp went back in, they both – very gently – tiptoed away.

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