19 February 2014

Watering the children

I won't get wet.  I have this umbrella thing.
One very important thing I have learned since moving to the country about 14 years ago is that water is a scarce resource and rain is always good.
Our water supply is supplied by the rain, falling on our house and garage and flowing down the gutters into our water tanks.  The tanks' total capacity is around 90,000 litres (about 24,000 gallons) with which our total water needs are met - drinking, bathing, washing - the lot.
We use water efficient devices and turn off taps when not in use and are generally pretty conscious of our water usage. Even though the worst of the drought is behind us where we live, we continue to monitor the water levels.  So when it rains enough that the water tanks overflow, it is an exciting time.  Especially in the warmer days of Summer.
"Go outside and enjoy the rain!" we tell the children and off they go. We figure the fresh rain and clean air helps all the plants grow and it doesn't do the children any harm at all.

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Bert Aguilar said...

That's an illuminating insight on the various uses of rain water, and how much of it can uplift lives and move them past inconveniences, even if they live in rural areas or what not. Keep up those really rich accounts of all the means and strategies you have applied in the face of whatever the weather throws at you. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to your family!

Bert Aguilar @ Rainfill Tanks