9 February 2014

My own armour - It's my lucky day

Custom made for just your head.
Peter was instructed to distract Zach as he was being a nuisance whilst everyone else was doing schoolwork.  So they began some sword fighting.
Zach had Peter's sword and Peter had to back off every time Zach missed with his wild swings. After each swing Zach sat down.
Peter asked him, "What are you doing?".
Zach answered, "I'm thinking."
After a few of these swing and sit down cycles, Zach decided to go inside and Peter suggested, "How about I make you some armour?"
Zach looked at Peter with a huge smile and said, "This is my lucky day!"
An important part of the art of cardboard armour is to measure it up and use lots of duct tape and plenty of old boxes from which to get cardboard.
A Cardboard Knights Helmet for a lucky fellow.
The hardest part about measuring Zach was keeping his attention. Peter often had to retrieve him from riding a bike, running up and down, standing on his head and more to ensure the right fit.
Luckily Zach's head is big enough that Martin can wear it too.
"How about we make it my armour and yours?" suggested Martin.
"OK" said Zach. So now we have shared armour - double the fun!

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