17 February 2010

More Help on the way

Lana is very close to giving birth to the latest Bruggie Baby.  The due date is next week some time and based on past experience Lana is always late.  We figured it would be safe for me to do some client support away this week.  One client is about 3 hours away and the other is in Victoria about 8 hours away.
Last night I stayed half way between Client 1 and Client 2 about 5 hours away from home.  I went to Mass this morning for Ash Wednesday and just as I started driving South, Lana rang.
She had some minor contractions.  They weren't Braxton Hicks (sort of practice contractions), they were real - just fairly small.
So I turned around and came home.
And the contractions stopped.  Of course.
But this means we are pretty close and things can get moving at any time, so I am staying close to home at the moment.  Stay tuned.
And then when the time comes, Lana will get another helper, just like the ones in this photo, "helping" Lana make mini pizzas.  Lana is very quick with the spoon on helping fingers that get too close!


Robin Elise Weiss said...

This is how I labor too! Even after 8 children, it always takes me by surprise that I labor like that! Best of luck and can't wait to hear about the latest new Bruggie baby!

Bretta said...

Hello Bruggies! I've just checked into your blog for the first time this year and enjoyed catching up with your family. Great to see how everyone is growing and how your family is doing. How wonderful that you're being blessed with another boy soon...will be praying for you all. I'm on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/brettao if you're on and want to catch up. Otherwise, let me know and I'll send you a link to catch up on what we've been up to. I've been documenting a year in my life in photos since my birthday in June (on Facebook). We think of you often...

Ann Y said...

I'm so glad you have the flexibility to be home right now. Looks like baby Bruggie will be here soon. Saying a prayer that labor and delivery for Lana goes well.

karisma said...

Wow you guys are awesome! Its been a while since I dropped by and Im amazed at how the kids have grown! And a new bruggie on the way!!! Very cool! Blessings, hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Hugs, xooxox