7 February 2010

Barefoot Pregnant and in the Kitchen - but...

We have been informed by radical feminists that marriage is just a male plot to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the dreaded kitchen.  Apparently the only way to be truly free is to go work outside the home where you are told by strangers when, where and how to work doing stuff that almost anyone else can do.
Only those poor enslaved women are stuck at home doing what they want for ones they know and love where no one else can take their place.

I mean, what type of choice is that?

In this photo Lana is posing in our shop's wonder kitchen - and she is pregnant.  But she is wearing shoes (for Occupational Health and Safety reasons) and working outside the home.  So does this make her choice valid, or does it just confuse the issue?

Soon we will have the enjoyment of filling in paperwork for the new baby's birth certificate (in 2 to 3 week's time).  The forms always ask the job of mother and father.  Our answers for Lana have changed over the years.  The first one we used was "Home Duties" which was duly recorded as "None".
The next few I entered"Project Manager" which was recorded correctly.  At parties they used to ask us what job Lana had.  If we answered "Mother" the questioner's eyes would glaze over and that would end the enquiry.  So I answered "Project Manager" and described her very important job.  Lana manages a number of long term projects, handling all logistics, on site training, entertainment, catering, transport, cleaning and accommodation.  An additional project is added about every 2 to 3 years and the work is very fulfilling, being on demand 24/7.  And Lana gets to work at home in a very flexible environment.

The last few times we answered "Home Maker" which is really what the above description truly describes.  That has been accepted, probably because the data entry clerk thought it might have something to do with the building industry.

Update:  We are getting some great comments on how our readers have recorded the homemaker's job on official documents.  How have you described this most important - and under-rated - position?


jugglingpaynes said...

I usually say I'm self-employed, but I like the idea of using project manager!

Peace and Laughter,

fireythreads said...

my ubncle called my auntie director of home and she was given preferental tratment over him who was tactually the secretary of buiding socities in australia when they went to oneof the internationla conferances they both thought it was fantasticly funny.