6 December 2008

The Fort grows

The next playground stage is "The Fort". This has the main building and then a bridge to a tower.
Attached to the tower is an old swing set friends had which was partly broken - now fixed and back in action.  Underneath the tower will be a sandpit and some netting to climb upon.
This playground is getting bigger all the time.  Speed of growth depends on funding and sourcing of second hand materials. 
As you can see from the second photo, the bridge and most of the top level are finally complete.
See how all the children are gathered along the bridge? The construction is strong enough to handle adults as well as plenty of children, running, jumping and otherwise playing around.
Funding and materials are currently in slow down mode again, but the next steps include a roof over the fort, linked to a water tank to collect rain water.  This way the children have their own water to play with without using our reserves.
Like many areas outside main towns in Australia, our water supply is entirely supplied by rain water.  We are all used to using water wisely and every roof around here is attached somehow to a water tank.
The four red plastic things in front of the fort are covering the hole into which we will be putting a large pole ready for the flying fox.  This time I hope to develop a safer testing system than the last time we had a flying fox. But that will be reported in due course...

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