30 June 2004

Flying Fox

You may remember us mentioning the flying fox that James had built in September last year. Well, with Lana’s father here, we have improved it a bit. The problem with the earlier one is that it used the cubby house and a small tree as the two posts. This meant if Eric used it, both the tree bent and the cubby house wobbled. The new, improved flying fox goes from one huge tree behind the cubby house to another tree diagonally opposite, with the rope going through the cubby house. Also, we found a great pulley that made it roll very well. David and Dad set it up and then had Ariel and Eric test it. Unfortunately, Ariel was too heavy and skidded along the ground and smashed into the tree. Ooof!
So, plan B. They tied the rope higher onto the base tree, which decreased the angle and rate of descent. Also, by the time the rider reached the tree, they would be going up hill and be slowed down. But Ariel wouldn’t try that dangerous thing again! (Wise girl). So David had a great idea. He had a large cushion between him and the tree and another in front. Then Ariel had a go, knowing David would catch her.
Does he look worried to you?

Danger! Danger! Danger! - Would Steve Irwin try this?

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