27 April 2008

My little girl will be driving me crazy

This little girl has always been more interested in reading than almost anything else. She wouldn't put the book down even when Lana was fixing up her hair when she was nine years old. Now look at her.
She is in my car, in my seat, beginning some lessons on how to drive. It's not that she wants to drive, but this will give her the chance to go where she really wants to go. Where? The library, if you hadn't guessed.
Today was just turning on the car and working out which of the pedals is the clutch, brake and accelerator.
The first lesson went well. We just drove around the back yard. Lana and all the other children were on the back deck watching carefully. When Ariel pressed the brake rather than the accelerator and I went flying forward, arms flapping about, there was great amusement from all watching.  They're still laughing as I write this!
Next time I will wear my seatbelt. Even if it is just in the back yard!
The laughter was at me, not at Ariel's driving. Typical!
Now this is the start of another stage of our bonding. She has driven me crazy in the past and now she will get to drive me all over the place. Deep breath. In, wait and out. Off we go!


Bretta said...

I can't believe Ariel is driving...just the passage of time when we see it in another is surprising because we're not there everyday.

We are marking milestones too. Tyler is graduating from our homeschool next weekend and going to Young Harris College in the fall to study Musical Theatre. He is very talented in this area, so we are taking advantage of his scholarships for it and academic scholarships to get the basic courses of academic requirements (maths, sciences, english, etc.) out of the way and then see what is next in two years!

Christa will be having a milestone soon, but I'm sworn to secrecy a bit longer...:oD

Friar Suppliers said...

How exciting and thrilling for Ariel and how nerve wracking for her mum and dad. I'm sure Ariel will be an excellent driver after having some practice. She excels at everything from what I can see!

Congratulations on this new step toward adulthood dear. I'm with you on the library trips, it's one of the best reasons to drive. That and new bookstores:)

karisma said...

Well done Ariel. You know I have a confession I still do not drive and I am 39. My oldest daughter drives me around too!