9 January 2008

Miserable Martin

This is Martin. He is miserable. Croup is such a draining virus.
We had a great time in Melbourne, catching up with family and friends, but we unfortunately returned with an unwanted gift. Croup. There is little that sounds more pathetic and sad than an 8 month old child crying and wheezing, trying to catch his breath, and when he does breathe it hurts, and so tired and unwell that he can't sleep.
This led to two nights of minimal sleep for Lana and I. Everyone in the family has contracted this bug, one at a time of course.
Thankfully, Martin has now recovered and is his normal happy self. He has even begun taking his first tentative steps. We'll have more on that story on the weekend.
Meanwhile, this photo tells another story. Namely the great way in which the whole family comes together when in need. Each of the children assist in taking care of each other, and keeping quiet when needed. When Lana and I finally got Martin to sleep late in the morning, the children moved the breakfast gear into the spare room so that they wouldn't disturb us. It was their idea! And they cleaned it all up later too.


Misslisslee said...

Best wishes to the little guy - when one of my boys has had that, we have spent lots of time in a steamy bathroom to ease that pitiful cough. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy what you share about life half a world away!
in Tennessee, USA

DavidofOz said...

Thanks for your interest, misslisslee. We used to live in the NE corner of Georgia, near Tennessee and North Carolina and have many great memories of the folks living in the area.
I'm glad your able to share in our adventures!