31 January 2008

Life's a game

Last weekend we did our annual boys day out and went to Cancon, the games convention in Canberra. I was able to once again see many people I have met over the years and see new trends in gaming. The boys were able to play in the demonstration games and we had a fine time - Dad and the three boys. (Martin is still too young)
One of the games was set during the time of the Crusades. One of their props was a helmet made from a waste basket painted silver with some modifications. Peter was very impressed. As we were there on the last day the guys running the game asked if Peter wanted the helmet.
Peter's eyes brightened.
"Yeees" he said in amazement, "Thanks"
He immediately went and put it on.
Once we arrived home he quickly made a shield from cardboard and tape and Clare joined him as a princess.

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