16 September 2007

Kyogle or thereabouts

Our next stop was near Kyogle so we could visit friends that had recently moved nearby and attend Mass just over the border at Marian Valley, Canungra.
Once again it was more winding roads and hills, but with 7 back seat drivers (luckily Martin hasn't started criticising my driving yet) I drove a lot slower and was more conscious of the effects of the roads on my rearmost passengers.
The key to driving on windy roads is to look out, so when we saw a sign saying "Lookout ahead" we stopped and looked out. This photo shows Lana enjoying the view at Moonbi Lookout (B Where's). (Click Lana's photo for a larger view)
We stayed at a fairly basic caravan park that was adjacent to the rain-forest, so it didn't surprise us to see this not so little spider in the ladies toilet/shower block. The children were all reminded to observe the important lesson to shake out their shoes before putting them on in the morning.
Our friends have taken over a Free Range Eggs farm so the children had the treat of riding quad bikes and collecting eggs while Lana and I had fun chatting and learning all about how the eggs are gathered, cleaned, sorted and distributed.
On Sunday we drove 90 minutes to Marian Valley for Mass. It wasn't as exciting as last time we visited, but we had a great Mass and met many good families afterwards. Then it was back to our rooms and getting ready for the homeschooling Camp tomorrow!

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