14 November 2006

Racing around the village

Last weekend the local villages were all pretty busy with over 1200 bicycle riders participating in "The Vaude Highland Fling". The local volunteer fire brigades were hired to provide marshalling services, assisting riders whenever they came to intersections and needed to be pointed in the right direction.
Our first photo is of one of the local fire brigade's finest. He was stationed at an intersection of a dirt track ending the non timed portion of the section going through the village. Once they rode over the timing mats, they could begin racing. In an effort to stimulate their continuing excellence, he pointed the riders in the correct direction and informed them, "Now bugger off! That way! Hurry up!"
Ahh, the eloquence of Australians.
Meanwhile, Lana's Mum and Eric were staioned at another corner, ready and waiting to point the riders in the right direction.
In case you were wondering, this is a staged shot. They really did point the riders correctly when they approached.
Note Eric's new outfit. Lana went to work with the sewing machine on Saturday to shorten the sleeves and pants to fit. I'm sure he'll grow into them.

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