25 November 2006

Black Friday

On this Friday I remembered with fondness the unique American experience of "Black Friday". Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where most retail businesses traditionally go into "the black" - that is, make a profit. Traditionally this is the day of lots of amazing deals. If you are not fond of shopping, this is the one day you stay off the roads and at home.
As part of our last US Thanksgiving I joined one of my friends to experience this phenomenon at the local Walmart.
After several hours of travel, standing in line, and browsing, I came home with a $15.00 Food dehydrator. Although it was a good deal, I was strangely relieved not to have gone through the whole Black Friday experience and return home with nothing!

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Anonymous said...

A difference this year was that many of our local stores opened up at 5. The boys thought that they wanted to get out early but I (wisely) told them that if they truly wanted to wake up at 4 they had to set their own alarms and wake me up. I got to sleep til 6 when the alarm went off to get my husband to work. The boys decided that they did not want to go out after all. I left the house at 7 , went to 3 stores and was home by 9:30 am. My shopping is over half finished and the crowds were not over the top.