26 July 2006

Ring that Bell

My clients are a great source of local knowledge and they mentioned the local Yarrangobilly caves. As this was on the way home from the snowfields we popped in. After more windy roads and dirt tracks, we parked and Lana and I popped into the information centre.
"What's on?" we asked.
All that was open was the self guided cave tour, so we negotiated a family rate. The normal "family" rate is for two adults and two children.
Lana also saw some very nice jewellry made from fresh water pearls and hematites. So we added that to the total and went to explore the caves (which were very chilly).
It was a fascinating walk through the limestone caves full of stalagtites and stalagmites. The one pictured here was named by the original explorer the "Judge's Wig". The information board noted (in a superior tone) that we no longer use such fanciful descriptions now. Bah! We remembered the Judge's Wig, the neighbouring Lamb's Fleece and Wedding Cake. Easier than Rock Formation XYZ!
After our escape from the dungeons - sorry, emergence from the tour - we found the restored ticket booth. It had a handle linked to a bell placed up the mountain which was to let tour participants know a tour was about to start. "Give the handle a pull" we were advised by the information board. So the next ten minutes were spent by everyone having ago pulling the bell.

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Sally said...

I just found your blog searching thru technorati. Wow, Australia. How cool! That must be such a cool place to live. your little girl is so cute!