5 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina

We have had a few people ask how we fared with Hurricane Katrina. Only the outer edge brushed past here with some reasonably high winds, but no damage.
The main impact is from the catastrophe to New Orleans and the towns that were destroyed along the gulf coast. There are around one million people now homeless with no hopes of returning to their homes (or what is left of them) for at least six months or longer.

Once more the generosity of Americans is gushing out. Families are being hosted with families here and even further North. Churches are opening their camp sites, families are letting homeless families stay in their houses, one couple even let a family of nine stay in their new house whilst they remained in their old one.

If all you relied upon was the television and newspapers you would have a very distorted picture of what is happening. Try instapundit.com, michellemalkin.com, and the local Brendan Loy, the Interdictor, and many more. These sites link to other blogs giving local information of the bad, the good, the stupid and the ugly. The best article I saw on who or what was to blame for the tragedy put it simply - it appears this big wind storm called Hurricane Katrina had something to do with it!

Update: This is a very good timeline of the fore-knowledge regarding the hurricane risk to New Orleans. http://www.americandaughter.com/timeline.html

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