22 July 2005

What do I want before Christmas?

Two new teeth!
Just to show that Peter is as good as his bigger brother (see here), he lost two of his teeth today. They were his baby teeth but external assistance wasn't really desired to make them move.
James and Peter enjoy rather boisterous play at the moment and in the midst of the rough and tumble, James' leg connected with Peter's teeth. One of the teeth was already weakened by Peter's own knee a few days ago.
Ah well. At least none of his adult teeth were damaged.

The dentistry costs here are incredible. Just for a first visit - with no work done mind you - the charge is $181 ($240 AUD) and then you would have follow up visits for cleaning and whatever. The reception desk quoted me this after I mentioned I had 2 adults and 5 children that needed a dentist, and do they cater for families. After this price, I said that I had no intention of paying over $1,000 just to come back and pay more. $181 x 7 = $1,267 ($1,689 AUD). Our dental insurance would have us travel 2.5 hours away for "cheaper" service.
When I went to another dentist who examined my teeth (only $61 for the examination - no cleaning or any work done) I was quoted $1,000 ($1,335 AUD) for a crown or $500 for a filling. I think I'll save some money and wish I was back in Australia where these things are far more reasonably priced.

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