21 May 2005


We have been sending a monthly(ish) newsletter since arriving in the US in July 2003. Bruggie Tales has been our method of:
- letting friends and family know what's happening with us,
- providing us with a means of recording our time here,
- allowing us to compare Australian and US ways of living their lives, and
- sharing our lives with those we care for.

It is now time to join the Blogging revolution and put Bruggie Tales in a more accessible format. This should allow us to update as events happen, rather than gather them up until the job becomes a BIG job. As I inform my clients, it is better to do the tasks during the month, so that month end is not that large hurdle.

All of our original articles are now in this blog - just check out the archives sections on the left. I am just now getting some of this years adventures into the blog before we go on our 2005 American Vacation!