23 May 2005

Homeschool Graduation 2005

We attended the graduation ceremony last night for a group of students that have completed their high school studies. Rather than stick with the boring old black hat and gown, they picked their own colours.

This is the first graduation ceremony we have attended. It was held at a local Christian Church and began with a challenge address by the Youth pastor, then had a commendation by someone for a student, followed by a student response and then presentation of a certificate or diploma.

It was a very enjoyable ceremony and we were privileged to be there to witness the end results of home schooling for these six young people. They all spoke well and were a little embarrassed at being in the spotlight.

In Australia there is not so much ceremony surrounding the end of high school. We had some bits and pieces, but no cap and gown thing. When I finished my Bachelor of Business Accounting after six and a half years, I just said to the university "Send me the diploma - I don't care about the ceremony." After studying part time I was just glad it was over.

But this was very interesting and I could see some merit in the students being made special for this time of transition. One of the mother's was crying during her speech and so was her daughter. Clare was on my lap and looking at the girl and looking extremely concerned. I had a most difficult time explaining that these were happy tears, and the girl was really overwhelmed with appreciation of the love her parents had for her. I'm not sure Clare could understand happy tears, though.

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