30 June 2004


We have had rain lately. Lots of Rain. Lots and lots of rain. In fact, I think that since Lana’s parents arrived we have had more rain days than completely clear ones. Father Wise commented last week that there is fine weather just a mile from here – a mile straight up that is. He also commented that if anyone spots a large yellow thing in the sky, they are not to panic. It is not the end of the world, that thing is called “The Sun”.
Meanwhile in Australia, almost every capital city has water restrictions, water catchment areas are closely monitored and the local fire brigades are worried about the coming bush fire season. In fact, they are even worried about the possibility of fires going out of control in zero temperature (32F) from hazard reduction burnings when windy. It is very dry.
So, you can imagine my surprise at the local paper’s headlines, “No Drought. Water Restrictions.” Drought? Apparently there is some sort of “drought” in some part of the State, but not around here. Here the ground squelches underfoot, and the flora grows whilst you watch.

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