22 August 2014

But I'll be bored!

Are you bored yet?
On Sunday the younger children decided they would be very disobedient at bed time. We gave the first warning and received the standard reply, "Yes Dad"
But talking continued after lights were out.
So a direct appeal with appropriate stern footsteps down the hall and standing in the room with serious direction to go to sleep.
"Yes Dad"
Shortly after, we had more talking and mucking around.
"As you wish," I said, "It is obvious that the electronic entertainment of iPad, computers and movies are affecting your sleep patterns.  None tomorrow.  Now go to sleep."
"Yes Dad"
This was still insufficient encouragement.
"Right, it's now extended to a week."
There was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. And they finally settled down and went to sleep.
So this week, the wettest in several months, had no electronic diversions.  "What can we do?" they asked.
"Work it out, or you can go back to bed," we suggested.
The children ended up doing:

  • Crafts
  • Playing outside (in the moments of sunshine)
  • Listening to audio books
  • Reading other books
  • Building blanket tents
  • Making up games
  • Started weaving a shawl
  • Playing with Lego

Well, that worked well.  This is a great form of "punishment".  We get a better response and obedience, and the result is positive too.

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