29 March 2014

It's only for frogs

This is only for frogs.  Green frogs.
While rummaging around in my office Zach discovered this metal thing which is designed to connect a wall bracket to a Flat Screen TV.
"What do you have there, Zach?" I asked.
"It's for frogs," he answered. [Pronounced Fogs]
"Frogs?  How?" I asked and through a series of questions and answers provided to me with a very knowledgable air, I obtained the following explanation. (translated into English)
"It's for their hair. Frogs have green hair and this is used to cut their hair.  There aren't any around here but they live in water.  And frogs drink water too.  That's why we don't see frogs with much hair - only a little bit of hair - because of this thing."
There you go.  You learn something new every day.

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Colette Haymes said...

That is a fantastic explanation, what a clever cookie you are Zac!!!! David, you are a wonderful writer, can't wait for part two.