9 April 2012

Easter Eggs are to hunt

Mine? Eat Egg?

Even Princesses get Easter Eggs.
After we escaped from the shop on Easter Sunday, the men of the household had an important mission.  We were to hide the Chocolate Easter Eggs.  More importantly, we had to remember where they were hidden so no-one missed out.
Everyone involved has 3 eggs on which their name was attached.  All eggs were hidden in the back yard or around the deck.  Only the children get to search, but they can only pick up their own or an adult's eggs.  This year the 3 eggs per person meant hiding 51 eggs.  The difficulty varied depending on the children's ages, but we have found over the years what we thought were easy places when we were placing the eggs sometimes ended up being the last places to be discovered.
Having 3 eggs each allows us to do an audit as the hunt progresses to make sure none are lost.  It also means we don't have a greedy rush and unequal eggs per person.
One year we found a missing egg months later that had been hidden in the roof trusses of our house that had been recently delivered.  When Lana's Dad and brother went to lift the tresses into place, an egg rolled to the ground as a bonus for their fine efforts.
See the costume Clare is wearing? My Mum made this and Clare just couldn't wait to wear it on such a fine day.
Zach has discovered Easter Eggs are pretty yummy and we have had to put them all out of reach as he tries to sneak away with eggs and eat them out of sight.

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