18 January 2011

To Bed Perchance To Talk

One would think the children would sleep soundly once night falls.  After all they have had full days, the nights here are dark with a sky full of stars and the world is filled with the silence of the country.
Last night at around 2am James awoke and realised there was a lot of talking going on. The night was dark and everyone was asleep but they were all talking.

Ariel as muttering something about the shop.

Eric asked, "Is there anything we need to do?"
"No?  Are you listening to me?"
James replied "Eric, are you talking to me?"
Eric answered irritably, "No, I'm talking to the glow worm thing!"

Peter was talking almost coherently about the book he is reading.

Clare said in a joyful voice, "Um, Um, I'm in a PINK castle!  And it's pink!"

Rose asked, "Martin, are you awake?"
Martin answered, "Yes"
Rose replied, "Well, let's go to the trampoline."
Martin then asked, "Yes.  Where is it?"  (They play on the trampoline every day)

After checking that everyone was actually fast asleep, James went back to bed.

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