29 August 2008

Grandparents are Handy

Before Lana and her Dad returned home with Martin from the hospital on Sunday, Lana's Mum had already made a pair of pants which would fit over his cast.  By Tuesday, she had made two more pants for Martin.
Also by Tuesday, Lana's Dad had made a special wheeled trolley with cushion for Martin to push himself around on.
You can see both the cushion and one of the pants in this picture of Martin eating a Mandarine.
Living with grandparents is a truly wonderful experience.
1. Our children get to know and learn from their grandparents.
2. We all experience more of life's mysteries and aging when there is a broader mix of ages.
3. The children know that if Mum and Dad become less agile, we will be taking care of them.  Just like they will do when we get older.
4. The inter generational knowledge transfer is very beneficial for us all.
5. An extra car and driver is very convenient!
The main thing was to know more about each other, allowing us to live together and grow in familial love.
Cool! (as the children would say.)

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Neuropoet said...

My children have the same response when asked about living with grandparents, "It's cool!" :) Of course, I still have younger sisters at home too - so it's a bit more complicated at times - kind of like have much older siblings - but it's a good experience...

And I just want to add - thank goodness for grandparents - they can be real life savers sometimes! I'm very impressed with Martin's little cushion on wheels - what a great idea!