15 July 2007

The Mouse Butcher

On the nights I return home at a reasonable hour the children enjoy me reading a book to them. Naturally this involves assuming all the appropriate accents and mannerisms of the characters, and reading faster or slower, louder or quieter depending on the mood. The latest book we have just read is "The Mouse Butcher" by Dick King-Smith.
This story is based on an island where the humans have mysteriously left, leaving the cats in charge of their own destiny. The butcher's cat, Tom Plug, is a very good hunter and is such a good catcher of mice that he is known to the other cats as "The Mouse Butcher".
The story has love, adventure, epic battles, humour, family life and bad puns - all the important elements of a a memorable book. I knew they enjoyed the book when I finished reading for the night and they begged for "just one more chapter".

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