6 May 2007

Fire defences for toasting marshmallows

Every year around this time we have a bonfire. The bushfire season is over, the nights are cooler and fire risk is lower. Throughout the past 6 months we have gathered branches, sticks, logs and stray bits of wood into a lovely pile.
It's really a lot of fun gathering around a bonfire on a cool night, armed with a variety of sticks toasting marshmallows or cooking damper. Damper is little more than a flour and water mixture, wrapped around the end of a stick. It is cooked over the flames or embers until it gets cooked - rather than black. Then it is pulled off and butter and Golden Syrup is spread on the inside. Messy but certainly tasty. Outside is definitely the best place for this type of thing.
Peter had a new defense against the flames this year. Last year he hid in a plastic tube, but this year he used his shield with it's new silver bowl in its centre. His shield is made from one end of an electrical cable spool. He was able to peek through the holes in the wood to judge the appropriate cooking placement for his stick. Peter reckons this was a much better solution.

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