3 March 2007

I want to mow, Dad!

We've had sun and rain and sun and rain. Perfect for the garden and lawn. Our lawns which were "crunchy brown" are revitalised and that means mowing.
Normally it is Eric's laborious job to push our lawn mower around our one acre block. This has to take place over several days and if it is too wet or too hot, by the time he finishes, the grass that was first cut is long again!
Today we were lucky to be able to borrow a friend's ride-on lawnmower. Woohoo! Eric doesn't mind doing the mowing now, and it is taking just the afternoon. James had a go for a small part of the mowing, but he is just a little short to push down on the brake/clutch fully.
It just reminds me a little of Tom Sawyer's fence painting. If it looks like fun it's not a chore but a privilege!

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