8 February 2007

How much wood can a woodchopper chop?

Another of the events at the Berry show was the woodchopping. Basically a collection of blokes, young and old, use very, very sharp axes and saws to compete against each other and the clock. In the competition shown in the photo, each competitor has a handicap from 4 seconds to 33 seconds. Once the race begins, the announcer counts: 1..2..3..4 and then the fellow with a 4 second handicap begins. 5..6..7 and so on until 32..33 and the last guy starts whacking away with lightning speed.
The guy in this photo had a 31 second handicap. Despite the 27 second delay in starting, he won, chopping through the wood in 23 seconds. The log is about 50 to 60 cm (almost 2 feet) thick. There was a fellow to his right on 33 seconds who looked about 65, but tough as nails. He came second by about an axe swing!
Peter, Clare and Eric all had their own cameras (older digital cameras) and had a great time capturing events at the show. Sure, many of Clare's and Peter's shots were blurry or indistinct or missing heads, but being digital there is no cost. But they sometimes get the most interseting photos because they are in such different positions. Peter entered a photo in the children's photography section of a man concentrating very hard on a game at the games convention we attended.
I am sure the man didn't even realise he was being photographed and the angle would have been very difficult for an adult considering the cluttered nature of the area.
This photo of James was taken by Peter and isn't too bad. You can tell it was before the children bought their cowboy hats as those hats have rarely leave their heads since!

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