1 June 2005

Day 5 - The secret New York

After chatting till late with our great hosts, and the children playing games till too late, we still awoke reasonably early. We played and chatted more until midday before venturing out to the parks. We considered visiting Manhattan and doing the typical tourist things but decided against it. We wanted to do things the children would enjoy and we could afford. Also, we didn't want to get lost in the city again. I looked back at our tracks the day before and they look like I signed my name with all the wrong turns we made!
So after the park mentioned below, I called the family which would host us on Wednesday evening and dropped in. Before Lana and I could introduce ourselves, the children had all gone inside and were playing together. An hour later, whilst Lana and I were chatting, their oldest son came into the room and began, "My friend Eric...". Yep. This socialization thing is a real issue!
After a sad farewell, promosing to see each other the next evening, we left and the children saw a Chuck E Cheese store (See here for our last visit). Same overpriced pathetic pizzas with tokens. Next time we go we won't worry about the food and just get the tokens!
More chatting and playing finished the day marvellously.

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