6 March 2005

More friends named Smith.

At church Rose has made many friends. Through her smiles and personality we now have many special grandparents. One of our special friends is Edith Smith who turned 88 recently and we were honored to be invited to her surprise birthday party. Unbeknownst to Mrs Smith, her family gathered from across the country, some she had not seen for up to sixteen years.
As each person arrived, they were given a helium filled balloon, and they popped in to see Mrs Smith one at a time. As each one entered the room, Mrs Smith was stunned.
By the time all had arrived the ceiling was full of balloons with a blissfully happy Mrs Smith below in her chair.
After meals and many discussions, the children went outside with the balloons and the balloons set free.

Let the balloons soar!

It was a great feeling to be involved in such a family affair. Pleasant memories of family affairs back home reminded us of the importance of family.

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